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Sofos Co., Ltd. is
a young company that has been continuously developing based on UV curing technology since it was founded as a technology venture on February 1, 2008.
Sofos manufactures interior glass products through UV curing adhesive coating, coating, and printing methods.The products include furniture surface finishes for Chinese doors and doors, surface finishes for home appliances, and wall finishes for construction, and industrial and functional textile products. We are producing heat-resistant materials, cutting materials, composite materials, interior and decor film fabrics, filters, and medical fibers through dyeing yarns and fabrics such as aramid, UHMWPE, glass fiber and coated yarn.

As chemical products, we manufacture UV curing adhesives, UV curing coatings, textile processing aids, and other compounds. Sofos Co., Ltd. is always trying new technology with the slogan “New challenge for The Belief” and is doing our best to satisfy customers with excellent quality. In addition, we are making efforts to produce green products by applying eco-friendly production processes and materials. Sofos will do its best to provide customers with reliable and creative products. We also ask for your interest and encouragement.