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Mixing various functional materials with high-functional processing

SOFOS' textile business division deals with products related to industrial fibers and aims to integrate them with other industries by applying high-functional processing to various functional materials to safety-related fields, interior, filters, and medical fibers.

Existing Retroreflective material - Film type

Recursive reflex Yarn Concept

Environmental improvement

Evaluation item Thermosetting process UV curing process Improvement effect(%)
CO2 generation(ton/h) 0.7 0 100%
VOCs generation(m3/h) 16,700 0 100%


Comparison of energy consumption according to thermal and UV processing during Silicone coating (provided by HUNTSMAN)

Sortation Thermal air machine (KW) UV processor (KW)
kWh TOE* kWh TOE*
Electric energy 611 0.15 624 0.16
Cooling water 445 0.11 175 0.04
LNG Gas 1200 0.30
Steam 32 0.01
Total consumption 2,288 0.57 799 0.20
Energy reduction -65%
Exhaust air 16,700 m3/h 7,000 m3/h
CO2 emissions by LNG
(TOE× carbon emission coefficient CO2 conversion factor)
0.3×0.637×3.67 = 0.7ton/h -
Recital Existing process Application process for this task

*TOE(Ton of Oil Equivalent) = (kWh×0.25)/1000

Regulatory response (organic solvent)

EU REACH, Japan's Hwasim Law, the U.S. TSCA, China's SEPA and Korea's Peace Law.

Prevention of safety accidents

A variety of new products can be developed

  • Low denier-class recursive reflex Yarn
  • Anti-inflammatory reflex Yarn