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Functional glass

Functional glass

Energy-saving glass
Functional glass

Energy-saving glass use effect

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UV curing adhesion to strengthen strength, prevent scattering, and gain excellent durability.

Sortation PC (8mm) PMMA (8mm) Junction glass
8.76T: Glass (4.0mm+4.0mm) + junction film (0.76mm)
UV film adhesive glass (this product) (8.2mm)
Specific gravity 1.2 1.18 2.5 2.5
Optical permeability rate 88% 88% 85% 86%
UV protection ratio 90% 43% 55% 98%(Performance of Anti-Collision Flow Performance)
Absorption rate 0.15~0.58% 0.3% 0% 0%
Weatherproof Low Low High High
Thermal deformation 138℃ 88~110℃ 400℃ and above 400℃ and above
Surface hardness 6H 6H 9H and above 9H and above
Silicon equivalent Low Low Excellent Excellent
Strength Low Low Normal High
Safety Low Low High High
Price competitiveness ? ? High price Medium price