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Specialized Far Infrared Radiation
Material of a new concept created by applying independent bio-core technology

BIOS SFIR is a new concept that was created by applying its own bio-core technology by extracting high-molecular components Ca, K, Na, and Mg with pure far-infrared rays from natural mineral compounds. The eco-friendly products made of BIOS SFIR maintain a semi-permanent infrared radiation rate of 0.840μm or higher, giving the body the essential health of nature and improving a rich and stable life.

BIOS SFIR Characteristic

※ BIOS SFIR is a non-harmless material for humans that has been tested for toxicity by using guinea pigs in a state-designated GLP.



Product application

Maintain freshness Deodorization/dehumidification Antibacterial bacteria Health Beauty
Inside the refrigerator, inside. Refrigerator deodorant Paint Diet Diet
Food, vegetable containers Toilet deodorant Washing machine, kitchenware, bidet, etc Fitness equipment Skin care
Meat / vegetable box box (for logistics) Workshop deodorant Child care products (play, baby bottles) Sports Wear Atopy
Packing wrap Deodorant accessories, etc. Pet goods Sports goods scalp