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Interior Glass

Interior Glass

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Interior Glass

It is an eco-friendly high quality window film adhesive glass that can be applied to various places such as residential / commercial spaces, interior and exterior of buildings. It is a product of future-oriented space design that can be manufactured in accordance with its shape by using high-performance UV-blocking film and eco-friendly UV-cured adhesive with excellent properties on glass.


Glass Finished Goods 3T/5T/8T/10T(Thickness) x 1,200mm(Width) x 2,400(Length)
Width / length size can be changed according to the application area of ​​furniture, commercial wall, etc.
PET Film 125~180㎛(thickness)
Film material: High performance PET laminated film applied




Environment & Safety


  • Eco-friendly patterned glass type that can be applied to various places such as residential space, commercial space, building interior, etc. Safety Glass Products
    (※ Standards on the Method of Construction of Indoor Architecture, etc. Anti-collision standards)
  • Resistant to external pollution, excellent durability, abrasion resistance, and water resistance
  • UV hard coating is applied to the film surface, so it is excellent in blocking harmful ultraviolet rays and preventing surface scratches.
  • Cut off noise, reduce cooling and heating costs
  • Fine dust blocking, odor blocking
  • Custom made besides basic pattern, fast delivery, small quantity available
    - Interior finish using eco-friendly high quality pattern design sheet
    - Expression methods such as opaque, translucent, and transparent are available depending on the applied film type.
    - Versatile using various core materials.
    - Can be used in places with high humidity due to its excellent peeling strength, durability and chemical resistance.
    - Stable product supply with small quantity as well as mass production system.
  • Harmful UV Protection

  • Privacy effect

  • Surface scratch and surface contamination prevention effect

  • Shatterpfoot effect